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SSI or PADI AOWD Course in Phuket

2 DAYS - 6 BOAT DIVES - 11900 THB

Continue your diving education with ACDC Diving in Phuket and get an access to dive to 30 meters with SSI Advanced Adventurer or PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Certification!

Most of the beautiful reefs and shipwrecks are laying deeper than 18 meters, so you need to learn how to dive safely to a bigger depth. 

What you will learn during Advanced Course

Our Advanced level diving training consists of 2 days during which you will do 6 boat dives at the different locations. While the minimum requirement for the AOW course is just 5 dives we offer an extra dive which is very useful especially if you haven't been diving recently.


First day of the course we do at Racha Islands where we start with a refresh dive followed by Underwater Navigation and Perfect Buoyancy dives.

Second day of the course we will go to King Cruiser - Shark Point - Koh Doc Mai dive sites for Wreck, Drift and Deep dives.


You will learn how to plan your deep dives and manage narcosis, how to find your way underwater and move in the water efficiently (even in strong currents). Our instructors will also pay extra attention to your buoyancy control and finning techniques to make you a good diver.

What do you need to start AOWC

You should be certified Open Water Diver (or Junior OWD) to be able to sign up for an Advanced Course. 

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