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Nitrox Diver Course in Phuket

SSI or PADI Nitrox Course

1 DAY - 3 BOAT DIVES (1 Nitrox Dive) - 7900 THB

The Nitrox course is the one of the most useful specialty certifications. It teaches divers how to safely plan and execute dives using enriched air nitrox, which is a blend of nitrogen and oxygen with a higher oxygen content than standard compressed air.

Use of Nitrox offers several benefits for scuba divers compared to traditional compressed air. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Extended No-Decompression Limits.

  • Shorter Surface Intervals.

  • Reduced Risk of Decompression Sickness.

  • Faster Post-Dive Recovery.

Here in Phuket we recommend to use Nitrox when we dive King Cruiser wreck and some dive sites at Racha islands. We also offer to combine SSI Nitrox and Deep or Nitrox and Wreck specialities.

What you will learn during EANx Course in Phuket

Theory of Nitrox. You'll learn the fundamental principles of enriched air diving, including how the increased oxygen content affects dive planning, bottom times, and decompression limits. Understanding concepts such as partial pressure, oxygen exposure limits, and oxygen toxicity is essential for safe nitrox diving.

Benefits and Considerations. The course covers the advantages of diving with nitrox, such as extended no-decompression limits, shorter surface intervals, and reduced nitrogen uptake. You'll also learn about the potential risks and considerations associated with using enriched air, including oxygen toxicity, equipment compatibility, and gas analysis procedures.

Gas Mixing and Analysis. Nitrox divers must be able to analyze the oxygen content of their breathing gas to ensure it falls within safe limits. You’ll learn how to use an oxygen analyzer to verify the percentage of oxygen in your tank and how to calculate maximum operating depths based on the gas blend.

Dive Planning and Execution. Planning dives with nitrox involves calculating maximum operating depths, oxygen exposure limits, and appropriate gas mixtures for specific dive profiles. You’ll learn how to use dive computers to plan and execute nitrox dives safely and efficiently.

Equipment Considerations. While diving with nitrox doesn’t require specialized equipment, there are some considerations to keep in mind. You’ll learn how to identify equipment that is compatible with enriched air diving, including regulators, cylinders, and dive computers. Additionally, you’ll learn how to handle and store nitrox cylinders safely.

Emergency Procedures. The course covers emergency procedures specific to nitrox diving, such as managing oxygen exposure limits, responding to equipment malfunctions, and handling gas analysis errors. You’ll also learn how to recognize and respond to symptoms of oxygen toxicity and other potential complications.

What are the prerequisits for Nitrox course

  • You should be certified Open Water Diver (or Junior OWD)

  • Be at least 12 years old

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