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Cavern Diver Course in Phuket, Thailand

TDI or IANTD Cavern Diver Course

3 DAYS - 30000 THB

The Cavern Diver course is an exciting adventure into the heart of underwater caves. Designed for certified open water divers, this course introduces essential skills and techniques for safely exploring cavern environments while remaining within the natural light zone.


From mastering line protocols to managing gas consumption, participants gain confidence and proficiency under the guidance of our experienced instructors. Embark on a journey of discovery and expand your diving horizons with the Cavern Diver course in Phuket, Thailand.

Depends on your personal preferances you can choose between TDI or IANTD Cavern Diver Course.

The course will be conducted in Song Hong Cave (Nakon Si province) and due to the local logisticks we also recommend to pick a combination of Cavern and Intro To Cave course or Cavern and Advanced Nitrox course.

Cavern Diving in Phi Phi Islands with ACDC Diving

What you will learn during Cavern Diver Course

During the TDI Cavern Diver course with ACDC Diving, you'll learn a variety of essential skills and knowledge to safely explore cavern environments. Here are some of the key aspects you'll cover:

  • Cavern Environment Awareness. Understand the unique characteristics of caverns, including limited visibility, overhead environments, and potential hazards.

  • Line Handling and Protocol. Master the use of guidelines and reels to maintain a continuous reference to the cave entrance and ensure a safe exit.

  • Communication Techniques. Learn effective communication methods with your dive buddies, including use of hand and light signals.

  • Gas Management. Develop strategies for efficient gas consumption and emergency gas sharing procedures in the event of an equipment failure or out of air situation.

  • Equipment Configuration. Optimize your dive gear setup for cavern diving, including proper weighting, streamlined equipment placement, and redundancy of critical systems.

  • Navigation Skills. Enhance your underwater navigation abilities to navigate through cavern passages while maintaining awareness of your surroundings and following safety protocols.

  • Emergency Procedures. Acquire the knowledge and skills to respond effectively to potential emergencies, such as loss of visibility, equipment malfunction etc.

  • Buoyancy Control. Refine your buoyancy control techniques to minimize disturbances to the environment and avoid inadvertent contact with fragile formations.

  • Propultion techniques. Learn cave specific fin kicks (frog, modified frog, modified flutter, back frog and helicopter turn) and proper use of hands (hand pulling, pull and glide).


By the end of the course, you'll have the confidence and competence to safely explore caverns with a qualified buddy with some limitations:

  • Penetration allowed within natural light of the cavern entrance. 

  • Penetration is limited to 1 / 3 of a single diving cylinder or 1 / 6th if using double cylinders. 

  • Linear distance from the surface should not be more than 61 linear Metres/200 feet 

  • Max depth 40 Metres / 130 Feet

  • No decompression diving. 

  • No restrictions (areas too small for 2 divers to pass side-by-side) 

  • Safety stops as appropriate or necessary. 

  • Maintain a continuous guideline. 

  • Proper cavern diving equipment is used. 

  • No removal of scuba gear permitted within the overhead environment. 

Cavern Diving in Phuket, Thailand

Cavern Diver Course Student Prerequisites

  • Minimum age 18, 15 with parental consent. 

  • Provide proof of an Open Water Diver or equivalent. 

  • Provide proof of a minimum of 25 dives. 

  • Divers must have a deep diver specialty certification or be able to provide proof of experience in order to dive deeper than 18 Metres/60 Feet in this course. 

We recommend our students to be familiar with diving in sidemount or twinset configuration before signing up for this course. So good start would be TDI Sidemount or TDI Intro To Tech course.

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